A growing initiative

Dense & grey concrete blocks destroy the life quality in developing Indian cities. Therefore, the initiative FutureGardens establishes public fruit tree gardens in cooperation with local environmental organisations, international volunteers and city corporations. Local citizens profit as the trees grow into a unique piece of nature, where they can meet, read and enjoy the silence voices of a small forest within the city.

You are an international volunteer living in India? – Let’s start a garden!
Partner with us as an Indian environmental organisation.

We love combining the wonderful atmosphere of a garden with the community-aspects of a public park.

Articles by The Hindu, Covaipost and Simplicity may give you a third perspective on the initiative.

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We are very grateful to Mr. Merlin Stein and FutureGardens for having gifted us this wonderful growing present in the heart of our beloved Coimbatore.  The fantastic initiative FutureGardens is part of our journey towards a sustainable future.

Vaishnavee Balaji, Leader of Foodbank Coimbatore and Founder of Youthful India

The efforts to have the first FutureGarden in Coimbatore came into reality on 02/07/2017, thanks to active participation from the citizens, NGOs and students, with support from Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation. Best wishes to the FutureGardens team – a lot more to achieve in the coming years!

Dr. K. Vijayakarthikeyan I.A.S., Coimbatore Commissioner