Gardens for a “Green City Life”

 – The roots of FutureGardens

In our own period of growing, as a child, we all loved to play in the garden. I especially liked to have my meal outside and always added some fresh veggies and fruits harvested from the plants nearby. Green surroundings are the sort of inspiration you need for great ideas. During exam times a garden will provide a perfect learning atmosphere. Make yourself comfortable in a place filled with the beauty of nature, inherit the clean air, smell the fresh greeneries and try your tasteful fruits and vegetables.
Let’s inspire ourselves from the various styles of gardens in the cities all over the world:

In the 1970s, in New York, the “urban gardening” movement started its way through the world. The alternative gardeners connected questions of nutrition, economy, society, art and urban design into efficiently using any space within the city for growing their own vegetables and flowers for beautification, sustainability, local diversity and as a new way of approaching urbanization.

In Austria’s capital, Wien, so-called “community gardens” are part of the todays daily life. Out of the joy of gardening and the aspiration for a healthy diet grew several shared gardens in the heart of the city. Apart from the earned vegetables for cooking, the community gardens promote social interaction and have become a regular meeting spot for people from all walks of life. Gardening opens up new spaces, geographical as well as social.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: In the poor Vidigal district, self-encouraged citizen have set up multiple small and movable gardens as own businesses. They use old bottles, recycled bags and car wheels to grow local vegetables, flowers and fruits. This little oases prosper under their motto “recycling instead of high-tech; creativity instead of professionalism”.

In Germany, the “network intercultural gardens” promotes 100+ open gardens as a way of integration and intercultural connection. International members are gardening together, sharing knowledge about special cooking recipes and see it as a way of encountering social and ecological difficulties which come along with growing cities. Cultural events are held in the gardens and children from different backgrounds are playing together between cucumbers, peach trees, carrots and apple trees.

“everyone […] will be supported for setting up a garden”

Inspired by these different and successful ways of urban gardening, FutureGardens came into life. The initiative sees itself as a part of the urban gardening movement. The keypoint of FutureGardens is that everyone, yes you too, no matter who you are or where you live, no matter what you do or have done, will be supported for setting up a garden. You only need to have the dream of creating a wonderful green public place and the passion to spend your energy and time until your dream becomes reality. With the concept of implementing fruit tree gardens in close cooperation with the local people and NGOs, FutureGarden goes its own sustainable way.


Between streets and houses, nature and human beings can meet, in small steps towards healthy & regional food, towards closer social contacts; towards a better air and life quality in the city. Urban gardening is the renaissance of Do-It-Yourself.

Now it is time for greening. Time for a garden. Time for fresh fruits. Time for a FutureGarden.
In your neighbourhood, in your city, everywhere. Join the gardening movement! Let’s start growing!




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