Workshop “Intercultural Project Planning”

On the mission to new FutureGardens we conduct Workshops to empower young people to start international projects – based on our experience in the FutureGardens initiative. After completing the workshop, the students are enabled to start their own FutureGarden whenever they are in a “grey city out of cement blocks”.

In Karlsruhe, Germany, we were invited to conducting our workshop as part of the “workshop day” of the youth vacation and education association JFBW.
Our engaged leading member Juliane practically explained the participants how to organise a project in general and additionally, how to overcome challenges.

Intercultural Project Planning Workshop by Juliane from FutureGardens at JFBW

The enthusiasm for the FutureGardens concept spreaded across the participants leading to a creative phase in which they designed and developed their individual FutureGardens.

The half-day workshop was a great success, motivating us to go even further!

FutureGardens example design workshop


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