You want to involve yourself? Become part of FutureGardens!

There are many possibilities how you can join us:

  • You are an international volunteer – e.g. part of weltwärts? >Let’s start a garden!
  • You are part of an (environmental) non-profit? – We are looking for partner organisations!
  • You have been an international volunteer? Use the contact form and write us your former volunteer-city and the way you want to involve yourself!
  • You know a (government, corporation, private,…) planting site on which a garden can be set up? – FutureGardens will provide necessary knowledge and will bear the costs until the opening. An international volunteer will join you in managing the project.
  • You know friends, family members or companies who like to support FutureGardens with a fund? – The basis of every garden are good circumstances and fruit tree saplings – 100% of the fund will only be used therefore.
  • You are keen in improving our website or general appearance? – Take your creativity into action – become part of our team and make the initiative more visible.

You can become a responsible FutureGardens Project Manager, a creative FG-Ambassador and an individually-effective FG-Sponsor!

We would love to hear your inquiries, questions and ideas! Please don’t hesitate to contact us via E-Mail ( or the contact form.